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Practical example: Setting transparency on a patch 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

First, be sure to check out the new home of LazyWeb. We had three of the challenges closed, but there are three still open. We are sending out MATLAB prize packages to all that solved a challenge, and look forward to sending out more as the rest are tackled.
Here is a three and a half minute video that shows how to set transparency based on data values. I tagged this as a practical example because it was a case that came into Technical Support here at The MathWorks and I was called in to help, but I also think it is an advanced technique. This technique can be useful if you want to chop off the data that is in a certain range to make other data easier to see. Do you have other uses for this too?
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asderwer replied on : 1 of 2
hey this is sectioning not transparency. transparency is to be able to see through the object by making it partly visible.