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Practical Example: Visualizing the density of a data cloud 3

Posted by Doug Hull,

I was working with a MATLAB user that had a large number of data points in the form of x,y,z triples. He was mostly interested in the density of these data points over the range of the data. At first he tried to just do a scatter plot, but there was too much data to comprehend. Instead, I had him do a few different visualizations using histograms and Sliceomatic (download it here).
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kakxi replied on : 2 of 3
Hi Doug, I have a question. can vectorization be used for the for- loop part? If it can be used, how? I have very large datasets. Thanks. Kakxi
dhull replied on : 3 of 3
@Kakxi, Why would you want to? Vectorization does not nesicarrily speed things up. Use profiler to find the real bottlenecks! Doug