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Learning MATLAB 1

I commonly am asked how to learn MATLAB. Here are common questions and answers. What MATLAB books or MATLAB tutorials should I use? I am, of course biased on this. I think this blog is a… read more >>

MATLAB training through Cody

Cody is one of my favorite ways of learning MATLAB. I have recently created a problem in Cody where you are to solve addition problems of this puzzle style: W A I T + A L L … read more >>

Regression in MATLAB

There are three new functions for regression in the 2012a release of MATLAB. I am not an expert in this area, but Richard is. Enjoy his video about these capabilities. if… read more >>

Piecewise linear curve fitting 15

This week, I am getting back to my blogging roots and I want to highlight (and thank) John D’errico for a great file Exchange submission. That file is Shape Language… read more >>

Cody challenges added: Poker Series 7

Cody is a great way to learn MATLAB. Recently, a new series of problems have been added. This series of problems will be excellent for people that are new to MATLAB to solve. There are 11… read more >>

MATLAB tip: Use one command per line 4

This is a common programming pattern that I see with new MATLAB users: They put more than one command per line in MATLAB file. This can make it harder to visually take in a file, and because … read more >>

Welcome to Sean from Answers 1

I wanted to take this week to point out what a great resource MATLAB Answers is and to also welcome one of the most prolific contributors on that site to his new role as an applications engineer here… read more >>

Quick productivity tip in 2009a

One of the best things about working at The MathWorks is seeing my suggestions implemented in the product. I like seeing a feature and knowing that I was one (possibly one of many) to request the… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 21