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MATLAB Basics video: Concatenating vectors

Posted by Doug Hull,

This is one in a series of videos covering MATLAB basics. It is meant for the new MATLAB user. This video covers how to concatenate vectors or matrices, even if they are different lengths. This will help solve this error: ??? Error using ==> horzcat CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent. if (typeof(playerLoaded) ===… read more >>

MATLAB Basics video: Sorting matrices 12

Posted by Doug Hull,

This video covers how to sort a matrix, either sorting each column independently or sorting such that the original rows stay together. Most new users are able to find the SORT command without much problem, but the very useful SORTROWS is often missed. if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var playerLoaded = false;}(function… read more >>

Video series: Reading Excel data into MATLAB with a GUI 94

Posted by Doug Hull,

I had a chance to work with a MATLAB user that was interested in bringing her Excel data into MATLAB and plotting different variables. This was a fairly standard file format, just columns of data. It was pretty easy to read in the data with XLSREAD: if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var… read more >>

Algorithm development video 6

Posted by Doug Hull,

Here at the MathWorks, one of our Core Values is Continuous Improvement. Part of that is about being process oriented- “Clock building is better than time telling.” Following that Core Value to talk about algorithm development, it takes more than just looking at finished algorithms (time telling), you need to look… read more >>

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