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Backslash 4

The backslash operator has come to represent both the matrix origins and the usability of MATLAB.... read more >>

eigshow, week 3

An option in eigshow demonstrates SVD, the matrix singular value decomposition. The emphasis is on orthogonality.... read more >>

eigshow, week 2 4

Three more examples with eigshow, all of them degenerate in some way or another.... read more >>

eigshow, week 1 1

One of my all-time favorite MATLAB examples is eigshow.... read more >>

The LINPACK Benchmark

By reaching 33.86 petaflops on the LINPACK Benchmark, China's Tianhe-2 supercomputer has just become the world's fastest computer. The technical computing community thinks of LINPACK not as a matrix software library, but as a benchmark. In that role LINPACK has some attractive aspects, but also some undesirable features.... read more >>

Lake Arrowhead Coauthor Graph Photos 1

Nick Trefethen has framed the original flip chart that I described in my Lake Arrowhead Coauthor Graph blog earlier this week and has it on the wall of his office at Oxford University. His colleage Nick Hale has taken these photos. (The faded name in the cell at the lower left just northwest of mine is Tony Chan.)... read more >>

Lake Arrowhead Coauthor Graph 7

Twenty years ago, during the Householder Symposium at the Lake Arrowhead conference center , John Gilbert carried out one of the world's first computational social network analyses.... read more >>

Golden Spiral 2

A Golden Spiral is simulated by a continuously expanding sequence of golden rectangles and inscribed quarter circles.... read more >>

Pentium Division Bug Affair

In my previous blog post I reprinted the Cleve's Corner article from the 1995 issues of MATLAB News and Notes and SIAM News about the Pentium division bug. In today's post I would like to describe some of the effects that affair had on the emerging Internet, the MathWorks, and the Intel Corporation,... read more >>

Pentium Division Bug Revisited 3

The Pentium division bug episode in the fall of 1994 was a defining moment for the MathWorks, for the Internet, for Intel Corporation, and for me personally. In this blog I am reprinting the article that I wrote for the Winter 1995 issue of MATLAB News and Notes and for SIAM News. In my next blog I want to discuss the episode's impact.... read more >>

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