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A Way to Account for Missing Data 15

MATLAB has the concept of Not-a-Number, also known as NaN for quite some time. Following the IEEE 754 Standard for Binary Floating-Point Arithmetic, some floating point calculations result in NaN, for example, 0/0. You can also use them as placeholders in numeric arrays, for example to denote missing data. If... read more >>

parfor the Course 34

Starting with release R2007b, there are multiple ways to take advantage of newer hardware in MATLAB. In MATLAB alone, you can benefit from using multithreading,
depending on what kind of calculations you do. If you have access to Distributed Computing Toolbox, you have an additional set of possibilities.... read more >>

R2007b is Live 20

Release R2007b is now available. Here's what's new in MATLAB. I plan to highlight some of these features, and perhaps some from related products, in upcoming posts. In addition, there is a significant release of Image Processing Toolbox in R2007b... read more >>

Reversal of a sort 24

We can sometimes be motivated to reverse things in Boston. And I occasionally get asked how to reverse the sort direction from MATLAB. So instead of sorting A and then having B follow the new order, let's undo a sorting operation, and in a way that multiple vectors... read more >>

A Way to Create Reusable Tools 12

There are a lot of ways to create reusable tools and widgets in lots of programming languages, including MATLAB. Today I
want to illustrate creating a reusable visualization tool that can then be incorporated into a more complex visualization
tool. Several of us (Scott, Mike, and I) at The MathWorks developed this... read more >>