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Beginner Woes 15

There are a few pitfalls that new users of MATLAB almost always fall into, depending on their applications. I thought it might be nice to summarize a few of them here, and, I hope, use you the readers to add to... read more >>

String Annotations for Plots 16

Did you know that you can customize the direction of text in MATLAB plots? There are times when such annotations work better than if they were purely horizontal or vertical.   Contents Sunspot Data Annotate the Year with the Maximum Number of Sunspots Use Handle Graphics to Alter the Annotation Orientation Note Other Maxima Label Extra Peaks Write Around... read more >>

Calendars and Leap Years 5

I'm pleased to introduce Ned Gulley as this week's guest blogger. Ned is a software developer with an amateur's interest in astronomy. He was motivated by a recent discussion of numerical precision in this space to put together this piece on the ... read more >>