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Analyzing Uber Ride Sharing GPS Data 9

Many of us carry around smartphones that can track our GPS positions and that's an interesting source of data. How can we analyze GPS data in MATLAB?... read more >>

Age is No Barrier to Exploring Ideas and Concepts in MATLAB and Simulink 5

I’d like to introduce you to this week’s guest blogger, Graham Dudgeon. Graham is with our Industry Marketing Team at MathWorks, and focuses on the Utilities & Energy Industry. In this blog, Graham shares a story about age being no barrier to exploring ideas and concepts in MATLAB and Simulink.... read more >>

Ever Needed to Move a Figure? 6

Have you ever needed to move a figure? Perhaps because it is offscreen>? Or at least the menus or close box are not visible? This happens to me from time to time when I get code from someone else who is programming specifically to the size of their display. Working on a laptop, I often have fewer available pixels. What to do?... read more >>

Write Once, Deploy Anywhere 4

Guest blogger Peter Webb returns with another in an occasional series of postings about application deployment.

...

Analyzing Fitness Data from Wearable Devices in MATLAB 5

Collecting and tracking health and fitness data with wearable devices is about to go mainstream as the smartphone giants like Apple, Google and Samsung jump into the fray. But if you collect data, what's the point if you don't analyze it?... read more >>

Publish Your MATLAB Analysis to Your Blog

I have been posting blogs about MATLAB with code examples for many years. Steve Eddins, my fellow blogger of Steve on Image Processing fame, developed and maintains an internal tool that automates a lot of tasks and I rely on it to publish my blog posts.... read more >>

Webcam Support – New in R2014a 4

Today I’d like to introduce a fairly frequent guest blogger Sarah Wait Zaranek who works for the MATLAB Marketing team here at The MathWorks. She and I will be writing about the new capabilities for the webcam in R2014a.... read more >>

Analyzing Twitter with MATLAB 5

Whatever your opinion of social media these days, there is no denying it is now an integral part of our digital life. So much so, that social media metrics are now considered part of altmetrics, an alternative to the established metrics such as citations to measure the impact of scientific papers.... read more >>

Selecting the Granularity You Want in GlobalSearch or MultiStart 2

I'd like to introduce this week's guest blogger Alan Weiss. Alan writes documentation for mathematical toolboxes here at MathWorks.... read more >>

Long-term Analysis of the S&P 500 6

Here at the MathWorks we have a great staff to support the financial industry. We also have our fair share of DIYers who like to follow the market and manage their own investments, such as this edition's guest blogger, Steve Cruickshank, an admitted "cocktail party economist".... read more >>

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