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Loren on the Art of MATLAB has been archived and will not be updated.

The Queen’s MATLAB

Good news for those of you who speak (and spell) the Queen's English instead of the US dialect. We are working night and day to make MATLAB use equally satisfying for the entire world's English speaking population!


Expectations for Upcoming Releases

You can expect, in upcoming releases, to create a colorbar or a colourbar. To ensure happy code collaborations, you won't even have to choose which dialect to install.

That way, if your code is working in the UK, for example, it will also work on your US colleague's setup.


Where we could ascertain different spellings for function names, we will provide both (all?) alternatives. And we will similarly have object properties, e.g., for Handle Graphics, also be dialect-tolerant. In this case, you can except EdgeColor and EdgeColour to both work. Since these are implemented as dependent properties, the information for both spellings will always be in sync.

Our Current List

We have been working hard to gather an appropriate name list. Here's what we've come up with so far.

  • colour properties
  • colourmap
  • nearest neighbour
  • licence
  • connexion
  • analogue
  • catalogues
  • dialog
  • The grey collection, e.g., grey, grey2bin, greydist, ind2grey, rgb2grey, mat2grey
  • centre (incentre), getCentreFrequency

Help Us Out!

Can you help add to our list so we can ensure that MATLAB in the future is appropriate for ALL mathematically inclined speakers in the English speaking world. Add your suggestions here!

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