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An Old Adage in MATLAB 2

I have to admit, I enjoy puns and plays on words of almost any kind. As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about the MATLAB function eval. And something just clicked for me. I am sure the person sitting in the car beside me at the light thought I was crazy.... read more >>

Coding Best Practices – A Good Read 7

Coding Best Practices - A Good ReadI have written blogs before on coding best practices in MATLAB and they have always generated a lot of great feedback. I recently came across a language-neutral... read more >>

Timing Code 12

and Revisiting Fibonacci Festival from 2006...

Recent Question about Speed with Subarray Calculations 8

Recently someone asked me to explain the speed behavior doing a calculation using a loop and array indexing vs. getting the subarray first.... read more >>

Understanding Array Preallocation 6

Today I would like to introduce guest blogger Jeremy Greenwald who works in the Development group here at MathWorks. Jeremy works on the Code Analyzer and will be discussing when preallocating MATLAB arrays is useful and when it should be avoided.... read more >>

Best Practices for Programming MATLAB 56

I thought I would share my top goto list of things I try to do when I write MATLAB code. And checking with other MathWorks folks whose code I admire, I found... read more >>

Simpler Control of Random Number Generation in MATLAB 12

Once again we're going to hear from guest blogger Peter Perkins, who is a statistical software developer here at The MathWorks.
MATLAB has had random numbers since the beginning. But not... read more >>

Book Review: The Elements of MATLAB Style 7

I've recently been offered the opportunity to review a new book, The Elements of MATLAB Style by contributor to the FEX, Richard K. Johnson. It's a great opportunity for me to see... read more >>

Debugging Approaches 11

There are lots of posts on the MATLAB newsgroup asking questions like why do I get this error "xxx"? One of the most common answers shows users how to track down the information ... read more >>

Doug’s “Top 10 MATLAB code practices that make me cry” 4

Doug's "Top 10 MATLAB code practices that make me cry" This week, Doug's blog focuses on what he considers to be some poor programming practices he's seen in MATLAB code. I agree... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 66