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Ensuring Positive Values – Part 1 4

Do you sometimes need to be sure an array has only bounded, positive values? At least one customer asked about this recently and noted that it could be quite involved. ... read more >>

MATLAB Release 2009b – Best New Feature or ~? 53

MATLAB R2009b was recently released. My favorite new language feature is the introduction of the ~ notation to denote missing inputs in function declarations, and missing outputs in... read more >>

Computational Geometry in MATLAB R2009a, Part II 37

I am pleased to welcome back Damian Sheehy for the sequel to his earlier Computational Geometry post.

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Computational Geometry in MATLAB R2009a, Part I 15

I'm pleased to introduce Damian Sheehy as this week's guest blogger. Damian is a geometry developer at The MathWorks, his background is in the area of geometric modeling and... read more >>

From struct to dataset 14

When I got to work last Friday, I saw an email discussion, on behalf of a customer, trying to find a good way to add a new field to a struct array.... read more >>

Using str2func for Anonymous Function Handle Creation 25

Starting in Release 2009a, str2func lets you create a handle to anonymous function. Before that, you need to construct an anonymous function from literal strings, or using... read more >>

Possible Test Scores 14

Walter Roberson, frequent contributor to the MATLAB newsgroup, posed the following question to me to use as the starter idea of a blog. Q: Suppose there is a... read more >>

Analyzing Addresses Using Different Data Structures 6

Recently, at MathWorks, Seth decided to analyze the email domains for comments on his blog. He had fun writing the code and posting it internally. Within a short period of... read more >>

New Ways With Random Numbers, Part II 22

Once again we're going to hear from guest blogger Peter Perkins, who is a statistical software developer here at The MathWorks. Contents ... read more >>

New Features in R2008b and How to Ask for More 3

By now, you many know that the second 2008 release of MATLAB and related products is out. Contents ... read more >>

Posts 81 - 90 of 121