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Computers do not care about beautiful code. Anyone can write code that a computer will like. However, the challenge is to write code that both the computer and a computer programmer will like. Much of that comes from good formating. This tool is good for helping with that.

Compare the following:

a = [72 69 76 76 79 12 0 87 79 82 76 68 1]; b=32;
for i=numel(a):-1:1; a(i)=a(i)+b+floor(.5); end
if (nnz(obsficate)==2)|(obsficate==1)

Then put it through codeWash to get this:

a = [72 69 76 76 79 12 0 87 79 82 76 68 1];
b = 32;
obsficate = 1;
for i=numel(a):-1:1;
if (nnz(obsficate) == 2)|(obsficate == 1)

It is still horrible code, but at least it is now well formatted. I have been wanting a ‘beautify’ function added to the editor for a while now. The next time someone hands me some ugly code I will run this so that I can have a fighting chance at understanding it.

Also, as you may have noticed, I have not been selecting picks for a while. Scott has been good about doing it while I have been extra busy. I will be making a follow up video when things slow down a little around the office. Thanks.

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