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Laser Tracking

Last week we found that a good way to get Pick of the Week was to post something I needed on Wednesday when I normally look for picks. This week the way to get picked is to write an elegant solution to a problem I solved in a naive way before. This file would have been a great help to me when I was making this live laser tracking demo a few years ago for the release of the Image Acquisition Toolbox.

As a sidenote, I would like to welcome my buddy, Brett Shoelson, to the MathWorks team. He has quite a few good files, and I could not decide which to pick. Would you like to join the team too? Send me a resume! You do not need to be in the single digits when it comes to author rank on the File Exchange, but it does help during the interview. Brett also became a MathWorks legend by bringing an interviewer, Steve, a six pack for helping him out on CSSM many years ago!

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