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Two Amigos?

Last week, we bade adieu to Bob Bemis --our long-time collaborator on the Pick of the Week blog. We've had the same thumbnail image associated with this blog for a couple years now; in fact, we've affectionately referred to the picture as "the three amigos." In the short term, at least, there will be only two of us-- Brett and Jiro --writing this blog. Clearly, our thumbnail picture is not going to be appropriate moving forward.

So today, in lieu of a Pick, Jiro and I would like to issue a challenge to all of our image-processing-capable friends: using ONLY MATLAB and MathWorks tools, write a bit of code to modify the Pick of the Week image and create a "two amigos" photograph, containing only Brett and Jiro. (Bob is the one in the middle.)

We will award two prizes for this competition: one for the person whose code results in the best usable Bob-free image, and one for the person with the most creative approach to solving the problem.

Some ground rules: use only MathWorks' tools/code. MATLAB, Simulink, Toolboxes, and Blocksets are all fair game. Any code downloaded from the MATLAB Central File Exchange is fair game. Anything created using exclusively MathWorks' tool is fair game. Using Photoshop? Not allowed!

Email all entries (CODE ONLY--no images!), with the subject "Two Amigos Competition", to me at:

char(cumsum([98 16 -13 15 0 -70 69 -11 7 -10 7 7 -4 -1 -46 45 -12 19 -12 15 -8 3 -7 8 -69 53 12 -2]))

(There should be no line wrap in the preceding line.)

Enter as many times as you'd like. The deadline for submissions is midnight, Friday, October 1. Jiro and I will evaluate all entries and decide jointly who wins, and our decision will be deemed final!

Good luck, and happy MATLABbing!


Published with MATLAB® 7.10

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