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On-figure magnifier

Bob's pick this week is On-figure magnifier by David Fernandez-Prim. This is not the only File Exchange submission that provides a kind of exploded view for a... read more >>

Pollock: Modern Art from Your Mouse

Brett's Pick this week is Pollock, by James Roberts. Jackson Pollock (1912--1956) was a major figure in the artistic genre of abstract expressionism, perhaps best known for his... read more >>


Bob's pick this week is UISETSCREENPIXELSPERINCH by Varun Gandhi. My display resolution setting is 96 dots per inch (DPI) but how accurate is my screen? Varun's... read more >>

File and Folder Selection GUI 2

This week's Pick of the Week is uipickfiles, by Douglas Schwarz. You may have noticed that we--that is, Bob, Jiro, and I--tend to Pick a lot of GUI tools. Though niche tools have... read more >>

41 Complete GUI Examples 2

Bob's pick this week is 41 Complete GUI Examples by Matt Fig.   If you like example GUIs, don't miss this one. Or the other forty for that matter. I'm not going to review them all. You... read more >>

Guitar Tuner 5

Today's Pick comes to us from guest Picker (pun intended) and MathWorks applications engineer Eric Johnson. When he's not playing with MATLAB, Eric can occasionally be seen roaming the... read more >>