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This week's Pick of the Week is uipickfiles, by Douglas Schwarz.

You may have noticed that we--that is, Bob, Jiro, and I--tend to Pick a lot of GUI tools. Though niche tools have their places, basic GUI components tend to be widely useful. Today's Pick is no exception.

Doug refers to his file as "uigetfile on steroids". No argument here; this function allows selection of files OR folders (in the non-exclusive sense of the term "or"), using a GUI to navigate easily around one's directories.

Doug tested his file on both Windows (XP) and Mac (OS X) platforms; I'll take his word for it that it works on the Mac. (As he points out, it is implemented entirely in MATLAB, so it should be platform-independent.) I did take it for a test drive on my Windows XP machine, and really liked the nice file-and-folder-picking (and list-sorting) interface. Uipickfiles facilitates filtering (including regular-expression filtering), and allows the user to select the class of the output--as cells, structures, or character arrays.

I particularly like how nicely Doug's code is implemented, commented, and documented. Very nice work, Doug!


Published with MATLAB® 7.9

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