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Import Explorer to help you with importing table data 2

Jiro's Pick this week is Import Explorer for tables by Jan Studnicka.When importing data as a table, you can use detectImportOptions to customize how you bring in your data. You can choose to import... read more >>

Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection 2

Rachel is the product manager for predictive maintenance at MathWorks. Rachel's pick this week is Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection using an Autoencoder which she submitted! Today's... read more >>

Widgets Toolbox – MATLAB App Building Components

Sean's pick this week is Widgets Toolbox by Robyn Jackey. Contents Instagram... read more >>

Visualizing Earth and Celestial Bodies

Jiro's Pick this week is 3D Earth and Celestial Bodies (planet3D) by Tamas Kis.I'm not an expert in astronomy or space mechanics, but this entry visually caught my attention. Tamas includes a... read more >>

Face Detection with Deep Learning 1

Brett's Pick this week is MTCNN Face Detection, by Justin Pinkney, a MathWorks colleague from our Consulting Department.We have provided the functionality to detect faces using MathWorks' tools since... read more >>

Satellite Trajectory 3

Will's pick this week is Satellite Trajectory by Huy Nguyen. This submission provides an app that you can install and add to your toolstrip. A panel on the left enables the user to specify the... read more >>

Get the Ship Stuck! 8

In this blog post, I want to get the Ever Given cargo ship stuck in the pond next to MathWorks at scale. This blog post is inspired by Ned Gulley using Ever Given Ever Ywhere. 

Get...

Animation Playback Controls in Live Scripts (R2021a) 3

Jiro's Pick this week is MATLAB Plot Gallery - Animation by MathWorks Plot Gallery Team.I chose this animation example to highlight one of my favorite new features of R2021a, animation playback... read more >>

The Matrix Lab Has You 1

Sean's pick this week is The Matrix lab has you by Mathworlds. I discovered this after reading Brett's post a couple weeks ago. It's a fun submission that... read more >>

File Exchange Categories for your Valentine

Jiro's Pick this week is 2-axis CNC ILC cutting machine by Bartlomiej Ufnalski. This example is about a particular type of controller (ILC) for controlling a CNC cutting machine. This itself is an... read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 23