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MATLAB Basics: GUI input validation 4

Two minute video shows how to validate GUI input. This makes sure that user input will not break your code. This example makes sure that the edit box value is not greater than twelve. This technique… read more >>

MATLAB Basics: Setting a background image for a GUI 17

I recently got a question in my inbox asking how to set the background image for a GUI. This is done by creating an axes in the GUI and putting an image in it. Any UICONTROLs that you put on the GUI… read more >>

Using the clipboard from a GUI

Many of you have surely noticed that this blog took a sharp turn towards video content since I moved to the Advanced Support Group at the MathWorks in May. With all these videos, I have had to get… read more >>

Masking typed passwords with asterisks 1

Sometimes really good files fly under my radar here at the File Exchange. Thankfully, my buddy Brett noticed this little gem. Here is what he had to say about it:
A customer recently mentioned that…

Dynamic GUIs with GUIDE 12

I recently got a question via e-mail from a reader of this blog. This MATLAB user wanted to know:
If you are thinking about another tutorial, can you show if it is possible to build a dynamic GUI,… read more >>

Tabbed GUIs 7

Going through the e-mail this week, I was asked how to make a GUI with tab panels. I know that using a few special techniques, it is possible to build a tab panel using GUIDE. I figured someone on… read more >>

From the inbox: how to change properties in GUIDE from a button press 10

These GUIDE tutorials (Intro, Advanced) have been very popular since I posted them. Recently, someone asked me a question that I did not answer in the videos. They wanted to know how to change… read more >>

GUIDE Video Part Two

It has taken me a long time, but I have finally produced the second in what I hope will become a series of videos about how to better use MATLAB and related products. This video has many of the… read more >>

GUI Building Tutorial

This week I want to try something different. I give a lot of presentations to customers and many times they are not aware of capabilities that MATLAB has to offer them. When people ask about how to… read more >>

Posts 31 - 39 of 39