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From the inbox: how to change properties in GUIDE from a button press 10

Posted by Doug Hull,

These GUIDE tutorials (Intro, Advanced) have been very popular since I posted them. Recently, someone asked me a question that I did not answer in the videos. They wanted to know how to change properties of widgets in GUIDE when a user presses a button.

Here is my answer:


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zia replied on : 1 of 10
Hello, Thanks for the video. Okay building on this example, how would one create a program that does this: When the push button is pressed, a box opens up which allows one to enter some string into a text box and this string is then displayed in the static text box of the original figure? Thanks, --zia
Doug replied on : 4 of 10
Zia, To do something like this, look at the "modal question dialog" template that you can choose when you start Guide. This GUI will return a value when it is closed using this command: "handles.output = get(hObject,'String');" Once you have that output (by saying something like "str = modalUI") then you can use that string to populate a static text box as shown in my original video. I hope this is useful. Let me know! Doug
Allan replied on : 5 of 10
Hi, I'd like to ask if this could be done but writing out to a uicontrol edit text box. I've tried to implement a button to change the content of the edit text but with no results... Thanks! ps. i'm not using Guide
Doug replied on : 6 of 10
Allan, You should be able to do this by seting the String property of the edit box: set(handles.edit1, 'string', 'foo') Doug
Allan replied on : 7 of 10
Hi Doug, Thanks for the tip but I can't get it to work, although your suggestion is the correct procedure. Could it be a panel issue? (the push button it is linked to a panel handle). I think I'm missing something... Any help would be much appreciated. Regards, Allan