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Processing big/large/blocked images, blockwise

Back in R2016b, we introduced tall arrays to facilitate, among other things, processing arbitrarily large datasets. This works nicely for tables or timetables, for example, and works in conjunction... read more >>

skychart 1

Will's pick this week is skychart by Emmanuel Farhi. This submission leverages object-oriented programming to plot celestial objects visible to a ground-based observer. Create an object, define... read more >>

m2uml 8

m2umlSean's pick this week is m2uml by per isakson.Table of Contentsm2uml MATLAB's Class Diagram Viewer in R2021a Commentsm2umlHave you ever had (or inherited!) a lot of classes that you want to... read more >>

Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection 2

Rachel is the product manager for predictive maintenance at MathWorks. Rachel's pick this week is Industrial Machinery Anomaly Detection using an Autoencoder which she submitted! Today's... read more >>

Face Detection with Deep Learning 1

Brett's Pick this week is MTCNN Face Detection, by Justin Pinkney, a MathWorks colleague from our Consulting Department.We have provided the functionality to detect faces using MathWorks' tools since... read more >>