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Easily copy and paste large matrices from your command window

Posted by Doug Hull,

PRINTMATRIX displays a matrix in the command window so that it can be easily selected copied and pasted into Excel. Matrices with a large number of columns are not easily selected as text in the command window because they get wrapped. If you want to select the matrix as text... read more >>

Clear all but specified variables

Posted by Doug Hull,

KEEP can be thought of as the complement to CLEAR. KEEP clears all variables from the workspace except for those specified. I find KEEP to be one of those functions I use so much that I forget it isn’t part of MATLAB.

Rotate XTickLabels

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

XTICKLABEL_ROTATE does exactly what its name promises – this file rotates the tick labels along the x-axis. This is very useful for packing in longer tick labels.

Super title

Posted by Doug Hull,

Note: The File Exchange submission mentioned here has been removed, so links to it from this post have also been removed.
SUPTITLE addresses a need we’ve all had at one time or another – to put one single title (a SUPER TITLE) across a figure with multiple subplots. I find it really… read more >>

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