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Hatched vs color

Posted by Doug Hull,

Sometimes old technology becomes new again. The other day someone was showing me their Blackberry device that has a low overhead mail reader, very similar to PINE which I used until very recently when I switched to Outlook. I just had my groceries delivered last night, which is… read more >>

List subfunctions in command window

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

Anybody who does much work with GUIDE is familiar with using files with large numbers of subfunctions. I'm a huge fan of the popup list of subfunctions that's built into the editor, especially now that it's scrollable.   Sometimes, though, I'd like to go right to a subfunction directly from the command... read more >>

Time stamping plots

Posted by Doug Hull,

For many of our customers the graph that gets produced at the end of a script is their entire output that will be printed and saved. That one plot must have all the relevant information on it. This is where PLTSTMP comes in handy. It is a… read more >>

Enhanced data exploration interface

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange. Paul Mennen's plt combines a lot of useful data exploration tools into a single, well-designed, plot explorer. Intended to be used instead of PLOT, PLT displays your 2-D data in an enhanced figure window. You have... read more >>

Animation of convolution

Posted by Doug Hull,

Convolution can be a difficult process to learn and visualize, so Laine decide to make an animation to show the process occuring. This file makes it much easier to understand the process. I chose this entry because it is something I would have liked when I was learning convolution in... read more >>

Displaying a table in a figure

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

I’m often asked how to include a table of numbers in a figure. While it’s possible to use an array of edit boxes, I’ve always recommended using an ActiveX spreadsheet control as an easier (and more professional looking) solution. Thing is, when I went to actually do it… read more >>

MATLAB on an embedded processor

Posted by Doug Hull,

MATLAB is a great language, and our users always want to take it to the next level. In the latest release of MATLAB and Simulink we added the ability to write MATLAB code that can be placed on an embedded processor. People have had the ability to put… read more >>

Cleve’s demos

Posted by Doug Hull,

Some of you may know that the first version of MATLAB was written by Cleve Moler. Cleve is still here at The MathWorks as our Chief Scientist, and here are some demos that he wrote showing a variety of interesting visualizations and graphical interactions with data.... read more >>

3-d Point selection

Posted by Doug Hull,

NoteThe file submission referenced in this post is no longer available on File Exchange. Selection of a three dimensional point from a two dimensional display is a tricky problem. Joe Conti has expanded MATLAB's capabilities to being able to do just that. Actually, if you have been using... read more >>

Talking MATLAB

Posted by Michelle Hirsch,

Fahad Al Mahmood’s Speak takes advantage of Microsoft Office’s spoken word engine to make MATLAB talk. This brings me back to grad school days, using MATLAB 5 on a PowerComputing Mac clone. Speak was a function specifically on MATLAB on the Mac that did the same thing. … read more >>

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