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Widgetpalooza: 12 widgets coded up in a GUI 16

Posted by Doug Hull,

This short video starts with two minutes of trying every widget on the example GUI. Then there is five and a half minutes of showing the callbacks on the widgets.
  • Push button
  • Push button with a picture
  • Radio button
  • Edit box
  • Multi-line edit box
  • Toggle button
  • List box
  • Popup menu
  • Table
  • Axes

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Daniel Sutoyo replied on : 1 of 16
very comprehensive I like it. This should benefit a lot of new users in MATLAB gui!
Muzaffar replied on : 3 of 16
Hi, i want to know how can i program uitable to be displayed in a separate window after pressing a pushbotton for example? If i press pushbutton again the context of the table may change also. kind regards.
Doug replied on : 5 of 16
Something! Oops. Looks like it got lost in editing. Just modify the function edit1_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles) Doug
Doug replied on : 6 of 16
Muzaffar, For two window GUIs, you will want to watch this video. Doug
Fikri replied on : 7 of 16
I’m building a GUI, so far so good until I tried to make it object oriented. Say that my GUI is in a function called gui.m, and the essential function that is going to be used by gui.m are both dct.m and tmt.m, here lies the problem, both dct.m and tmt.m produces histograms, which uses panels inside gui.m for generating the histograms. How do I deal with the coding, since it will use a handle for the panel inside the gui.m (I don't use axes for those histograms). What would you suggest me in this situation. Regards, Fikri
Doug replied on : 8 of 16
Fikri, I am not sure I understand your question. I think you might be better sending the simplified code and the question to Thanks, Doug
Chris replied on : 9 of 16
Can you explain further how you got the text to update on button clicks? You update the "handles.textstatus" but above you say to change "edit1_Callback". I realize the "edit1_Callback" is the callback for the text window, but I am confused about the use of "handles.textstatus". I cannot figure out how the edit1 text window knows you have clicked a button and therefore updates. Chris
dhull replied on : 10 of 16
@chris, I think the question is "when you leave the editbox, a callback is executed." The callback on the editbox will update either upon hitting enter *or* losing focus. Clicking on a button is really just losing focus, and has nothing to do with clicking the button. I think I understood your question, but if I am wrong, please let me know. Doug
Mario replied on : 11 of 16
Hi I think this is not the right place for ask you this but I don't know where else is the place, ok, I have I GUI that reads a ".wav" file, and plot it in an axes, and then with another button I can play it, but I am trying to put a vertical line that runs in the plot (axes) while the file is play, do you have any clue? I hope you understand what I am talking about. thanks !!!
dhull replied on : 12 of 16
@mario, I think you should look on the file exchange. Look for things like 'strip chart'. I do not know if there is anything exactly like you want, but there might be something close. Thanks, Doug
Kamran replied on : 13 of 16
Hi dough I wonder why in my matlab(2009a) the slider is vertical...I want something horizontal and as far as I looked, there is no property to make it horizontal. Kamran
Sanket replied on : 15 of 16
Hi everyone, I am a new user for GUI matlab. Can anyone post detailed videos of looping the functions into different GUI buttons? This video does help to get an idea about callbacks but I need something elaborative. Thanks
Stuart McGarrity replied on : 16 of 16
Please take a look at the 40 other GUI making videos Doug made: If you have a specific question you can ask it on the post or on MATLAB answers.