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New location and memory allocation 4

Posted by Doug Hull,

Today, Brett, Bob and Jiro have completed their inheritance of Pick of the Week blog.  There is a fine heritage of Applications Engineers running the Pick of the Week blog.  Scott Hirsch and I started it nearly five years ago with this post. [click here] With the three amigos taking over, I am now freed up to dedicate time to this new blog. Doug’s MATLAB Video Tutorials.  You can expect the same content with original videos, puzzlers, tutorials and answers to user questions. The first video is about memory allocation in MATLAB.  In this two minute video, I show that a statement like Y = X; does not increase MATLAB’s memory usage.

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Paramesh replied on : 1 of 4

That’s a nice illustration Doug!

Also, it will be great if you tell us what is the tool you used? Is it a predefined function, or you wrote it?

Sometimes, I do feel like looking at Matlab memory in real time, and so, if you reveal the tool with which you viewed the Matlab memory, it will be useful!

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