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I was once one of the many people that have been a steward of the Pick Of The Week blog. I try not to highlight File Exchange files here, but this exceptional tutorial is, well, an exception. Matt wrote a series of small, single purpose GUIs that show a simple skill. Take a look at the list of questions that he solves:

1. How do I manipulate the strings in a uicontrol?

2. How do make a uicontrol invisible/visible?

3. How do I make a multi-line editbox?

4. How can I let the user of my GUI know his actions are futile (or producing no results)?

5. How can I tell which uicontrol is selected?

6. How can I tell how many times a uicontrol has been activated?

7. How do I tell which button in a buttongroup is selected?

8. How do I let the user know a process is running in the background?

9. How do I control the mouse pointer with a GUI?

10. How can I access the value (current position) of a slider?

11. How can I use different colored strings in a listbox?

12. How can I make text that can be copied but not changed?

13. How do I allow the user of my GUI to set the range of a slider?

14. How do I use the buttondownfcn on an axes object?

15. How do I make a callback talk to another callback?

16. How can I get the string from a popup or listbox?

17. How can I set the string in a popup or listbox?

18. How can I add to the string in a popup or listbox?

19. How do I tell which figure was current before my callback executed?

20. How do I get data from another GUI?

21. How do I make a GUI to open image files only?

22. How can I make popup choices mutually exclusive?

23. How can I show the current pointer location in axes coordinates?

24. How can I use uicontextmenus?

25. How do I make my GUI control an axes in another figure?

26. What are callback strings?

27. How can I make it so that when one of the figures closes, they all close?

28. How do I make several uicontrols interact in a more complicated GUI?

29. How do I get data from a GUI to the base workspace?

30. How do I make toggle buttons act like tabbed-panels?

31. How can I make a password editbox that has the ***** symbols?

32. How can I use nested function as callbacks?

33. How can I use uiwait in a GUI?

I found it best to print out the two page PDF with questions and then run the GUIs I wanted. Download the bundle here.

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