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Copying a figure to the clipboard 17

Posted by Doug Hull,

Just a little trick that helps you get MATLAB figures easily into other programs by copying them to the clipboard. Could easily be made into a shortcut on the MATLAB toolbar.

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Alan Marcel replied on : 1 of 17
Hello Doug! I've followed you at twitter and I've found many interesting MatLab tips. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Keep posting!
oh replied on : 5 of 17
>> print -dmeta
??? Error using ==> inputcheck>LocalCheckDevice at 250
Error using ==> inputcheck>LocalCheckDevice at 250
Illegal device option, '-dmeta', specified.

Error in ==> inputcheck at 45
                [ pj, devIndex ] = LocalCheckDevice( pj, cur_arg, devices );

Error in ==> print at 172
    [pj, devices, options ] = inputcheck( pj, varargin{:} );
My Mac version 10.4.8 and Matlab 7.5.0(R2007b) What's the problem the above?
matt fig replied on : 6 of 17
@oh, As Doug stated above (comment #2), this works on Windows only. Also, you could read the help for PRINT, which specifies the -dmeta flag under the heading: Microsoft Windows system device driver options
frank replied on : 8 of 17
Good trick! It's a pity that the displaying quality of zoom-out figure is poorer than the one obtained by the operation "copy figure" in the menu of figuret.
dhull replied on : 10 of 17
@Lutfy, What would it mean to 'read the figure back from the clipboard into MATLAB'? Doug
Daniel replied on : 11 of 17
Is there a way to get
 print -dmeta 
to preserve the figure color? For example, the following creates a figure with a black background:
colordef black
print -dmeta
but the copied figure has a white background. Thanks, Dan
Dave Finamore replied on : 13 of 17
Is anyone aware of any recent problems using the toolbar command Edit->Copy Figure to put figures onto the clipboard? That's how I've been doing it for years, but just last week that method started consuming 50% of my processor bandwidth and taking minutes to complete. It doesn't happen on simple plots, but does happen on mesh plots of 200x400 matrices. My workaround is print -dmeta. That works, but Copy Figure essentially hangs the computer. Three different computers, all running R2011b. This could be many things, but it's good to start by finding out if it's a systemic problem or just me. Thanks! Dave
Matti replied on : 14 of 17
Hello Doug, thanks for informative posts. I was wonder that is it possible to copy to clipboard Matlab figure without larger outer borders? Otherwise this code that you presented would work, but if I have one figure which size is whole screen, copy-pasting includes huge borders especially in vertical direction. Usually I need to do some cropping when pasting copied figure to e.g. Powerpoint. Thanks, Matti
Alex replied on : 15 of 17
@Matti You can get rid of the extra space by changing your Preferences. Figure Copy Template > Copy Options > Uncheck Match figure screen size - Alex