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Using image to view data instead of surf and view(2). 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

This video outlines a common error made with MATLAB, and how to avoid it. Often people will use the programming pattern of: surf(Z); view(2) This really does something very similar to: imagesc(Z)

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Rodrigo replied on : 1 of 2
I noticed the indexing changed from surf to imagesc. How do the actual indices of the matrix (row,col) relate to each? Is there a way to keep that equal? Also how does pcolor perform when compared to imagesc (i.e does it also waste memory)? thanks
dhull replied on : 2 of 2
@rodrigo The indexing is different by default for two different use cases. You can override them by passing in a vector with the matrix to represent the x and y vectors. If you edit pcolor.m, you will see it uses surface underneath to accomplish its goals. doug