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Finding infrequent errors in MATLAB with DBSTOP if error

Some errors happen in MATLAB infrequently. If you don’t know the conditions when they occur, setting a breakpoint might not work. Using DBSTOP if error will have MATLAB stop on a line in the… read more >>

Bad coding practices to avoid

I was revisiting older posts, and this is one of my most frequently referenced posts.

I teach the MATLAB 101 class to every new hire at MathWorks. Inevitably, someone will ask me how to make a… read more >>

Vintage Videos: Still relevant

There are certain timeless questions about MATLAB. I was just asked about this and knew I had made a video about changing object properties in GUIDE.
if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var…

Simple example of storing data as a matrix or structure

When we design a program, the way we store our data will have an effect on how our code looks as we manipulate that data later. In this video we had the choice to store the coordinates of a robot… read more >>

Vectorizing code in MATLAB

When you vectorize code, you avoid looping through an array and instead do operations on the matrix level. This avoids for loops in MATLAB. The reason for vectorizing are often stylistic…. read more >>

Adding callbacks to lines and axes in MATLAB 8

A callback is a function that gets called when you perform certain actions. For instance, you might want something to happen when you click on a line in MATLAB, or when you move the mouse in MATLAB…. read more >>

Interuptable callbacks and BusyAction in MATLAB 5

If you push a button in a MATLAB UI and this starts a long calculation, what do you want to have happen if the user pushes the button a second time? Interuptable property and BusyAction property of… read more >>

Using synthetic data to test algorithms in MATLAB 2

This week we are making up some data and doing a couple of visualizations. We then modify the data to do a reality check on a simple algorithm. This allows us to gain confidence in our algorithm… read more >>

Modifying Excel column names to legal variables in MATLAB 2

I have been using MATLAB tables lately. In doing that, MATLAB will store meta data with your numeric data. I was bringing data in from Excel files. Each column name will eventually become a… read more >>

Simplify, simplify, simplify 1

I often say that one my greatest qualifications for troubleshooting MATLAB code is that I know I am not that clever, so I have to simplify things until I can understand them easily. It works really… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 30