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saveValue Function for Tracking Metrics Over Time, Part 3: Storing as a Table 2

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

In the third video in this series about developing functions to store values over time, I use a MATLAB table to store variables in the MAT-file. This video uses the code-along style.

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Julian replied on : 1 of 2
I was surprised to see you use the matfile class with a variable of class table. I understood matfile is "Load and save parts of variables in MAT-file". When launched in 2011, I thought it might help me out with large dataset arrays that I had to split into multiple files or multiple variables in a file, but matfile doesn't support loading part of a dataset array, nor its successor class "table". In the case of heterogeneous data is there any advantage to use matfile over the more common syntax of load and save? thanks for the video blog; very useful.
Stuart McGarrity replied on : 2 of 2
Yes, you are right. The MAT-File class does not support tables. I picked the MAT-File class for storage before deciding on the class of my variables. If I had planned ahead (at all) I would probably not have used it. I may switch to just using save and load instead.