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Using MATLAB Regular Expressions to Find Patterns in URLs on Our Website

I want to count the number of different types of pages on our website (e.g. file exchange posts, videos, MATLAB Answers). Now, I can easily get these numbers from our internal systems but I want to determine them by looking at the website itself. This will let me create tests that verify there has not been a problem in the publishing of content.

I already use a utility that crawls part of our website and tells me the URLs of the approximately 300,000 pages (I incorrectly say “300” in the video). I just need to analyze this list and look for patterns. Here is a video of me (using the code-along style) trying to work through this problem.

Remember, videos in this style are unedited real-time development. This one is about an hour long, so feel free to skip around to parts that interest you. There is a table of contents containing a small number of chapter points.

I make multiple mistakes and incorrect assumptions as I go along. See if you can notice them before I do.

Play the video in full screen mode for a better viewing experience.

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