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Cody Code-Along: R2016b Feature Challenge – String Array Basics, Part 4 13

Posted by Stuart McGarrity,

In this “Cody Code-Along” for the next problem in Release 2016b Features Challenge I do the opposite of the previous one and convert a string array with missing values to a cell array.

Features covered in this code-along style video include:

  • string, cellstr

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fernando replied on : 1 of 13

hola buen dia discula soy estudiante y quiero saber como relizar un filtro kalman con una base de datos GPS , que es el tiempo y una cordenanda ‘X’

fernando replied on : 2 of 13

me puede asesorar , soy nuevo en hacer este tipo de trabajo y la finalidad de esto es obtener un filtro eliminando el ruido blanco

fernando replied on : 4 of 13

Hello master not yet, I am a student and I have a database that I would like to know how to apply the kalman filter, that is why I join this team to learn.
I hope I can advise!!

fernando replied on : 7 of 13

Sorry master sincerely I can not and I do not speak English I can recommend it with someone who works in Spanish matlab or tutorials that way.?

fernando v. replied on : 9 of 13

Sorry good afternoon I have a question with my kalman filter how can I calculate or put a value to ‘P’ that comes being the covariance matrix of the estimation of states
‘Q’ process noise covariance
‘R’ measurement noise covariance

I do not know how to give value to P, Q and R, can you help me in that regard ??

Fernando V. replied on : 13 of 13

I just want to fine-tune my noise signal, in this case eliminating that white noise, I do not leave anymore I do not know what to do :( ..
Or someone you recommend me, and can advise me in that regard .

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