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Generalizing the access to an array of structures in MATLAB 2

Recently a MATLAB user asked me how to make it possible to work with an array of structures in such a way that she could filter the array of structures and then combine the remaining fields. Once… read more >>

Using ‘dbstop if error’ and conditional breakpoints to debug MATLAB 1

Sometimes MATLAB throws an error, but because the error is inside of a function you can not see what caused this error. By telling the debugger to stop execution under certain conditions or right… read more >>

Example: Speed up MATLAB code by profiling

Sometimes the performance of MATLAB code can depend greatly on the algorithm or the specific functions called. In this example, we show how we use the profiler (and good knowledge of logical… read more >>

Simple test scripts in MATLAB

Testing your code is important to make sure that it works correctly and continues to work correctly as you modify it. The more long lived the code, the more important testing becomes. I… read more >>

Choosing algorithm based on data size. 2

Today we will look further at the cypher algorithm, specifically the randomness of this algorithm. There are two different distributions to look at: distribution of single numbers (1,2,3,4) and the… read more >>

Project Euler on Cody 1

I am a big fan of Project Euler. There are a series of math and programming problems there that people often use in honing their programming skills. Traditionally, there is one correct integer… read more >>

Passing data between GUIDE callbacks without globals in MATLAB 11

Very often MATLAB users want to share data between different callbacks that they have in their MATLAB GUIs. This video shows a technique that is applicable for when the data being shared is already… read more >>

Animating an objects trajectory in MATLAB with HGtransform 2

This video shows how you can use MATLAB to do the visualization of a moving object with HGtransform. This data was syntetic, but it would be easy to read the data from a file and show the trajectory… read more >>

How to save and restore state of a GUI in MATLAB 12

When constructing a GUI, sometimes it would be appropriate for the GUI to start out in the last state it was in when it was closed. This means the same values selected in list boxes, same radio… read more >>

Unexpected is not wrong

I just worked on a case that typifies a situation I see in MATLAB fairly often. Unexpected results are not necessarily wrong results. I am a big fan of the “sanity check”, where if… read more >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 67