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Arithmetic Associativity – Not So Fast 7

Posted by Loren Shure,

Arithmetic is associative, right? Well, in the world of paper and pencil, where you can often do calculations exactly, that can be true. However, in the computing world, where real numbers can't always be represented exactly because of working with finite precision datatypes, it turns out that you can't depend on the arithmetic to behave the way you were taught in grade school.... read more >>

MATLAB Language Translator 19

Posted by Loren Shure,

MATLAB Language Translator  Google recently made a splash about its e-api-tools-for.html latest language tools. Translating one computer language to another is useful but passé. But suppose you could translate a computer language to a human language:... read more >>

New Simulink Blog on mathworks.com

Posted by Loren Shure,

New Simulink Blog on mathworks.com  New Simulink Blog on mathworks.com I'm very pleased to announce that we have a new blog on mathworks.com. We now have Seth on Simulink. Please read his blog for insight into Simulink, how to use it, what are the new features, etc. ... read more >>

Cool MATLAB Plots 4

Posted by Loren Shure,

Cool MATLAB Plots  There are many cool plots made in MATLAB across the web. I have set up for myself a way to find new ones on flickr, a website for sharing photos. ... read more >>

Remembering Gene Golub, 1932 – 2007 1

Posted by Loren Shure,

Remembering Gene Golub, 1932 – 2007 The book Matrix Computations by Gene Golub and Charles Van Loan sits on the bookshelves of many MathWorks employees. Professor Golub, one of the founding members of the Stanford University computer science department, is a revered figure in the area of numerical analysis and matrix computations. We were very sorry... read more >>

GOTO Humor

Posted by Loren Shure,

GOTO Humor  GOTO Humor For those of you who wonder why MATLAB does not have a goto statement, you might look at this cartoon in addition to reading an earlier blog article I wrote. I am amused to see this confession about that post. ... read more >>

Vectorized goto in MATLAB 26

Posted by Loren Shure,

Vectorized goto in MATLAB Customers have long asked for a GOTO statement in MATLAB to allow them to use programming constructs familiar to them from other languages they already know. I am pleased to announce that a proposal is making its way through the design process at MathWorks and I thought I'd use... read more >>

Introduction 8

Posted by Loren Shure,

Introduction One of my favorite things about MATLAB is that I can write a mathematical algorithm using the same notation appearing in a technical book or paper. For algorithms that are naturally matrix-based, the economy and clarity of the MATLAB code contribute to the program's elegance. What constitutes good code? ... read more >>

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