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Bohemian Matrices in the MATLAB® Gallery 2

We will have a two-part minisymposium on "Bohemian Matrices" at ICIAM2019, the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics in Valencia, Spain, July 15-19. This is an outline of my talk.... read more >>

Matrix Eigenvalue Dating Service 1

This is a summary of my talk at the conference Celebrating the Centenary of James H. Wilkinson's Birth at the University of Manchester, May 29.... read more >>

An Eigenvalue Sensitivity Example

On May 29-30, I plan to attend a conference, organized by Nick Higham, at the University of Manchester. The title of the conference is... read more >>

Continued Fractions and Function “rat” 1

Let me tell you about MATLAB's controversial function rat.... read more >>

Makima Piecewise Cubic Interpolation

This post is by my colleague Cosmin Ionita.... read more >>

The Reuleaux Triangle and Curves of Constant Width

Why are manhole covers round? It is so they won't fall through the hole they are intended to cover. They have the same diameter regardless of where it is measured. If the hole has a slightly smaller diameter, it is not possible to orient the cover so that it will fall through. A square or rectangular cover can be turned slightly and it will easily fit through the hole.... read more >>

Biorhythms and Energy Vortices Near Sedona, Arizona 1

Sedona Arizona is a perfect site for the first MathWorks excursion into lifestyle products.... read more >>

Benchmarking a GPU 5

I recently acquired a GPU, a graphics processing unit. It's called a GPU because such processors were originally intended to speed up graphics. But MATLAB uses it to speed up computation. Let's see how the gpuArray object benchmarks on my machine. I have been doing computer benchmarks for years. I like to do profiles where I vary the size of a task and see how the amount of memory required affects performance. I always learn something unexpected when I do these profiles. Ben Todoroff is on the MathWorks Parallel Processing team. Last year he contributed #34080, gpuBench to the MATLAB Central File Exchange. He has been able to compare several different GPUs. I am going to consider the performance of only one GPU, but in more detail. Important note. This is only about double precision. Single precision is another story. ... read more >>

Amaze, A Maze Generator

My MATLAB® program, amaze, generates mazes by combining old friends, numgrid and delsq, with a new friend, the graph object. Let's see how we make this example maze.... read more >>

Experiments with Variable Format Half Precision

For the past month I have been working with the variable format 16-bit floating point arithmetic that I described in this post. It has been frustrating work. I have found that the limited precision and limited range of half precision make it barely usable for the kind of experiments with matrix computation that I like to do. In this post I will describe a few of these experiments.... read more >>

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