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Gene Golub’s 22nd Birthday 1

Tomorrow, February 29, 2020 would be Gene Golub's 22nd birthday.... read more >>

MathWorks Blue Meets Air Force Academy Blue 4

I have always been fascinated by the names that are used to describe colors. There are dozens of web sites with lists of color names. I was surprised to discover that the shade of blue we use in MathWorks logo is almost the same as the one used by the United States Air Force Academy.... read more >>

Christmas Greetings 2019 2

Inspired by Patsy and type xmas_2019.m function xmas_2019 % Christmas greetings. set(gcf,'pos',[800 200 420 315]) clf ... read more >>

Color Order for Line Plots 1

Line plots with a color order from one of our color maps are useful, and pretty.... read more >>

Biorhythms and Energy Vortices Near Sedona, Arizona 1

Sedona Arizona is a perfect site for the first MathWorks excursion into lifestyle products.... read more >>

Mandelbrot Brings Season’s Greetings

Mandelbrot Brings Season's GreetingsMandelbrot sports a new red, green and gold colormap to celebrate the holidays. old_mandelbrot holiday_mandelbrot Available in Version 4.10 of Cleve's... read more >>

Greg Searle, Fractal Art and Design

If you follow this blog regularly, you know that I love fractals. I recently spent a pleasant afternoon in Nashua, New Hampshire, where my daughter Teresa introduced me to Gregory Searle, a fractal artist and computer geek. Here is his logo.... read more >>

Play “Match the Color” Game 3

I first saw this game years ago in the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco. You are given a computer screen with two color patches and three sliders. One of the color patches is fixed. The sliders control the red, green and blue components of the other patch. Your task is to adjust the sliders until the two patches are the same color. It ain't easy.... read more >>

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