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Moler on E-NLA, Wednesday, May 27

It has been a while since I made a blog post. It is because I am preparing to give a talk next week on"The Evolution of the Evolution of MATLAB"on E-NLA, the Online seminar series on Numerical... read more >>

John Horton Conway

John Horton ConwayFrom the New York Times, April 15, 2020John Horton Conway, a ‘Magical Genius’ in Math, Dies at... read more >>

Gene Golub’s 22nd Birthday 1

Tomorrow, February 29, 2020 would be Gene Golub's 22nd birthday.... read more >>

MathWorks Blue Meets Air Force Academy Blue 4

I have always been fascinated by the names that are used to describe colors. There are dozens of web sites with lists of color names. I was surprised to discover that the shade of blue we use in MathWorks logo is almost the same as the one used by the United States Air Force Academy.... read more >>

Experiments With Kuramoto Oscillators

I have learned a lot more about Kuramoto oscillators since I wrote my blog post three weeks ago. I am working with Indika Rajapakse at the University of Michigan and Stephen Smale at the University of California, Berkeley. They are interested in the Kuramoto model because they are studying the beating of human heart cells. At this point we have some interesting results and some unanswered questions.... read more >>

Kuramoto Model of Synchronized Oscillators

Fireflies on a summer evening, pacemaker cells, neurons in the brain, a flock of starlings in flight, pendulum clocks mounted on a common wall, bizarre chemical reactions, alternating currents in a power grid, oscillations in SQUIDs (superconducting quantum interference devices). These are all examples of synchronized oscillators.... read more >>

The World’s Simplest Impossible Problem 3

(This is a reprint of the second ever Cleve's Corner from the Winter 1990 MathWorks Newsletter).The other day at lunch with a couple of other MathWorks people, I posed the following... read more >>

Bohemian Matrices in the MATLAB® Gallery 2

We will have a two-part minisymposium on "Bohemian Matrices" at ICIAM2019, the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics in Valencia, Spain, July 15-19. This is an outline of my talk.... read more >>

Matrix Eigenvalue Dating Service 1

This is a summary of my talk at the conference Celebrating the Centenary of James H. Wilkinson's Birth at the University of Manchester, May 29.... read more >>

The Reuleaux Triangle and Curves of Constant Width

Why are manhole covers round? It is so they won't fall through the hole they are intended to cover. They have the same diameter regardless of where it is measured. If the hole has a slightly smaller diameter, it is not possible to orient the cover so that it will fall through. A square or rectangular cover can be turned slightly and it will easily fit through the hole.... read more >>

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