Posted by Cleve Moler,

The ROOTS function in Chebfun is one of its most powerful features. This is the second part of my series on Chebfun. Part one is here. ... read more >>

CHEBFUN, Numerical Computing With Functions

Posted by Cleve Moler,

I recently attended "Chebfun and Beyond", a three-day workshop in Oxford, England. Chebfun is a mathematical research and open source software project for numerical computing with functions. I plan to write a series of Cleve's Corner blog posts about Chebfun. ... read more >>

Game of Life, Part 1, The Rule 1

Posted by Cleve Moler,

This is part one of a series of posts about John Conway's Game of Life. One deceptively simple rule leads to an incredible variety of patterns, puzzles, and unsolved mathematical problems, and a beautiful use of MATLAB sparse matrices. ... read more >>

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