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Memoize Functions in MATLAB 8

Very early on in this blog (2006!), I wrote a post on memoizing functions, i.e., caching results so outputs that have already been calculated don't need to be calculated again (code included at the... read more >>

Is This a Sine Wave? 5

I was talking with Mike, my boss, one afternoon. And we had been fiddling with some paper as we spoke. After trimming a page, we ended up with a not skinny strip of stiff paper. As Mike twisted it,... read more >>

Pause Again

I recently wrote about the relatively new Pause button on the Editor portion of the MATLAB Toolstrip. Let's pause again to think about how we can exploit the awesome Pause button on the toolbar.... read more >>

Of Love, Music, Shakespeare and Dynamic Systems 4

For any human being love is one of the biggest source of joy, happiness...problems and puzzles. Today's guest blogger, Aldo Caraceto, one of my fellow Application Engineers from Italy, is going to convince you to approach it from a different angle.... read more >>

Accept String Inputs in Your Code 4

Today I'd like to introduce a guest blogger, Stephen Doe, who works for the MATLAB Documentation team here at MathWorks. In today's post, Stephen discusses how, and why, you might want to update your code to accept string arrays as inputs.... read more >>

The MATLAB Online Live Editor Challenge 14

Today I’d like to introduce a guest blogger, David Garrison, who is a MATLAB Product Manager here at MathWorks. Dave will talk about an exciting new contest for students and faculty where you can win a cash prize by showing us what you can create using the Live Editor in MATLAB Online.... read more >>

A Best Friend, struct2table 13

Sometimes it's nice to have a best friend. Sometimes I have more than one, context-dependent. I want to share my best friend today for dealing with struct arrays.... read more >>

Get Smart, Be Logical! 1

Recently a customer asked me an interesting question about a good way to compute something. Before I sat down to tackle it, I happened to mention the problem to my pal, Sean. And he quickly answered, "max logical". It took me just a moment to realize what he was saying, and it is the answer to the problem. But when I heard it, I heard a person's name "Max Logical", and though I didn't know who that was, I immediately thought of Maxwell Smart, from the 60s tv comedy in the US, called "Get Smart".... read more >>

Deep Learning, MATLAB, and Science 2

I recently attended the annual AGU (American Geophysical Union) meeting and, used the time at our booth to talk to many geoscientists about many different topics. One that emerged as a big interest stemming from unfamiliarity is deep learning.... read more >>

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