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Memoize Functions in MATLAB 8

Very early on in this blog (2006!), I wrote a post on memoizing functions, i.e., caching results so outputs that have already been calculated don't need to be calculated again (code included at the... read more >>

Pause Again

I recently wrote about the relatively new Pause button on the Editor portion of the MATLAB Toolstrip. Let's pause again to think about how we can exploit the awesome Pause button on the toolbar.... read more >>

Accept String Inputs in Your Code 4

Today I'd like to introduce a guest blogger, Stephen Doe, who works for the MATLAB Documentation team here at MathWorks. In today's post, Stephen discusses how, and why, you might want to update your code to accept string arrays as inputs.... read more >>

Color Your World: More with Maps, Graphs, and Polygons 2

Today, guest blogger Matt Tearle continues his investigation of the new polyshape type (added in R2017b) as a mapping tool.... read more >>

Loren’s Excellent Adventure: Maps, Graphs, and Polygons 4

R2017b was released recently. Today's guest blogger, Matt Tearle, discovered a fun application of one of the many new features - solving a map-based puzzle.... read more >>

Working with Text in MATLAB 6

I'd like to introduce today's guest blogger, Dave Bergstein, a MATLAB Product Manager at MathWorks. In today's post, Dave discusses recent updates to text processing with MATLAB.... read more >>

Find That Signpost! Using optimization and the Google Maps API in MATLAB to find a landmark 1

Interesting problems are everywhere. Today's guest blogger, Matt Tearle, loves the chance to apply MATLAB to any intellectually stimulating puzzle. It's a fun way to learn and practice new features.... read more >>

Introducing the Signal Analyzer App 5

Today, my guest blogger is Rick Gentile, an engineer in our Signal Processing Product Marketing group. He will introduce a new app which enables you to gain quick insights into your data.... read more >>

Singing the Praises of Strings 7

There is a new way to work with textual data in MATLAB R2016b. The new string datatype haven't got enough attention from me until recently. I have been chatting with colleagues Matt Tearle and Adam Sifounakis and we have each discovered a similar beautiful code pattern in MATLAB for generating a sequence of strings.... read more >>

Posts 21 - 30 of 121