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Digitize Scanned Data

In my old job, I occasionally needed to analyze data that I only had access to in printouts. I hoped that somebody had developed an equivalent to OCR (Optical Character Recgonition) for data, but couldn’t find anything. I found the next-best-thing, “digitizer.m” on the old MathWorks FTP server (the predecessor to the File Exchange). With this utility, I could read data values off of a scanned plot just by clicking on them. Very simple and well executed.

I just stumbled across an updated version of this submission – DIGITIZER2, by Anil Prasad. Not one to rest on his laurels, Anil updated his classic digitizer with a simple UI that walks you through the process of ditizing scanned plots.

Note for users in R14 (and perhaps R13): if digitizer2 gives an error when writing out a file of data points, truncate line 273 to read:

   if (writefname == 0)
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