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This is a very exciting week for Scott and Doug’s POTW – we get to take the week off, to make room for a pick from our very special guest, John D’Errico. Thanks for the vacation, John! Here’s what John has to say …

For those of us who love to ask questions of matlab, we can ask who, whos, which, what, and even why. There is a nice modification of which to be found in whichx. Whichx accepts wildcards, so I can do the following:

>> whichx fminsearch*

run /Users/johnderrico/Documents/Files/work in progress/fminsearchbnd2.m
run /Users/johnderrico/Documents/Files/work in progress/fminsearchbndx.m
run /Users/johnderrico/Desktop/My_FEX/fminsearchbnd.m
run /Users/johnderrico/Desktop/My_FEX/opt_reg_tips/fminsearchbnd.m
run /Applications/MATLAB701/toolbox/matlab/funfun/fminsearch.m

You will find links in your command window, allowing you to run or edit any of
the functions it finds with no more than a mouse click. Try whichx. I predict you
will find it useful.

Now if somebody will just give me the answer to “when”, “where”, and “how”,
I’ll be all set.

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