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Dynamic plot zooming

Another pick from our special guest John D'Errico: In my travels around the file exchange, every once in a while I trip over a tool that just makes me smile. This is one of them. A very slick variation of a plot zoom is magnify, by Rick Hindman. It allows you to selectively zoom in on some small region of a 2D figure, the selection follows your mouse around interactively. You can control various aspects of the zoom on the fly with key presses. For example, + or - will increase of decrease the amount of magnification. Other keys control the size of the magnifying glass. Its pretty fast too, so as the mouse moves around it updates quickly. Plus, if you like what you see, you can freeze that magnified insert so the image can be saved or copied with the magnified insert in place. Spawned from magnify, a nice variant is magnifyrecttofig, by Andrew Diamond. This one pops up a separate figure window with the magnified region. I liked both these ideas. Only one question remains. Can I use magnify on my bank statement?
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