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Zero crossings on arbitrary signals 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I have been working a lot with the technical support team here at the MathWorks. When the front line tech support people are stumped by technical questions, I try to give them a hand. Sometimes they need help because people want to do something in MATLAB that we at The MathWorks did not already put in the product. Inevitably, someone on MATLAB Central has already posted a file that does exactly what is needed.

Here is a case where the customer had some arbitrary signal data and wanted to know where it crosses zero. If this had been a continuous function of one variable, then I would have suggested fzero but with more arbitrary data, crossing.m by Steffen is exactly what we needed.



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thitinun replied on : 1 of 1
I do my project about surge arrester in embedded system,using microcontroller that sampling data and send to computer by serial com port.I already get data and process it by matlab but i can't find the zero crossing point.In former times,i using 2 way to check zero crossing point.first, by detect slope,diff of vector.the second ,using minimum and sign changing but all was not work.Now,I set point of zero crossing manually by see in graph plotting that very hard for me to do.Please help me about Zero crossing function,could you send you m-file or code that you write to me.Thank you very much for your help.