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De do do do, de dah dah dah…

Brett's Pick this week is Morse, by Fahad Al Mahmood. Last week I blogged about how to make MATLAB talk. This week, we can look at how to make it speak Morse code! I recall fondly being an undergrad engineering student, and being required to learn Morse code as a prerequisite to throwing my name into contention to drive a solar-powered car in a long-distance race. I never got very good at it (Morse code, that is), and have forgotten everything I once knew. (Except for S's and O's...we all seem to know them!) Fahad's MORSE is pretty cool; it renders a string of characters as an audible series of dots and dashes, making translating words into Morse code trivially easy. Now if someone would just write a MATLAB program that listens to a series of dots and dashes and translates it back to text. Any takers? Oh, and there's a t-shirt in it for the first person to post in the comments to this blog the (exact!) message encoded in the video above!

Published with MATLAB® 7.6

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