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So you kind of remember what you named that file, but you don't remember exactly where you put it. Sound familiar? You have some options for finding that file. It's likely that your OS has a file-finding utility that supports wildcard searching, though limiting your search to your MATLAB path might not be trivially easy. Or you can use MATLAB's Find Files tool. But Brett's Pick this week provides an approach that is sure to become a favorite. With WWHICH ("Wild Which"), by fellow MathWorker Lucio Andrade-Cetto, wildcard searching is fast and easy. Let's say, for instance, that I remember writing a file to expand or contract axes when I click on them. I know that the file had "expand" in its name, but then my memory fails me. (Maybe I'm just getting old.) Look how easy (and fast!) finding that file can be: And there it is..."expandAxes," with an example! Back in July, I blogged about a user-contributed utility called WHATS that expands MATLAB's WHAT function to include hyperlinks. Today's Pick provides another tweak to improve your MATLAB experience! Tell us here about your own utilities for customizing the way you work in MATLAB. Or better yet, post your utilities to the File Exchange!

Published with MATLAB® 7.6

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