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Atomic challenge – part 2

Bob's pick this week is Atomic reminder by Daniel Armyr.


Round 1

A few months ago I posted Atomic clock + alarm challenge. Daniel took the challenge and submitted a solution. I like it! His approach uses a timer object. (Great minds think alike.) The command line use of remindme_atom is simple, and the modal pop-up dialog is effective. I also got a kick out of his sound stream when my alarm went off. Nice touch!

Round 2

Did you really think I'd stop there? Now that we have a solution to the previous challenge, the new challenge is to brainstorm a test plan for it. You might start by understanding different ways remindme_atom was intended to be used. How do you make sure it does exactly what it is supposed to do? How many test cases can you think up? How could you accidentally misuse it. Which cases are not worth testing? What steps would you take? Do any other considerations come to mind?


Don't jump in head first. Rather, let's talk about how you test code that you write, or M-files from others that you rely on. You do test your own code, somehow, right? Please share your thoughts here.

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