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Heart Model for Valentine’s Day 10

Posted by Robert Bemis,

Bob's pick this week is Heart Model for Valentine's Day by Xin Zhao.

This submission really speaks for itself.

Be sure to run demoDisplay. The animation is really interesting. I thought the bounce effect looked realistic. I could watch it again, and again.

Enjoy, and Happy Valentine's Day.


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Published with MATLAB® 7.8


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Billigflug replied on : 1 of 10

this looks really nice but unfortunately it doesn’t work! :( do I have to install something first, so that I can see this heart animation?
An answer would be nice!

eurotop replied on : 4 of 10

Hi there, I found great ideas on your Web site. Well done ! Thanks for that and keep on doing Greetings from germany

maedeh replied on : 6 of 10

i can not get the MATLAB code for this nice heart, please help me and send this one to my email, thank you

jiro replied on : 7 of 10

Did you go to the link at the beginning of this post? Go to the entry file, and click on “Download Now” link.

edwina_ms replied on : 10 of 10

great idea and and very nice work!
I did a Love signal, check out in my site.
greetings from Italy