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Bob's pick this week is Allstats by Francisco de Castro.

The file is simple enough. Given a data set,

x = randn(1000,1);

allstats returns a list of statistical values.

myStats = allstats(x)
myStats = 
      min: -3.1289
      max: 2.9371
     mean: -0.06815
      std: 1.0019
     mode: -3.1289
     q2p5: -1.9519
       q5: -1.7128
      q25: -0.73464
      q50: -0.072006
      q75: 0.55077
      q95: 1.6351
    q97p5: 1.8844

The mean should be close to zero,

ans =

and the standard deviation should be close to one.

ans =

How convenient.

As it turns out, this month the File Exchange recently celebrated a major milestone. Allstats has the honor of being the official 10,000-th submission. Congratulations to Francisco and every contributor who made this possible! Growth of the File Exchange has been absolutely amazing.

If only my retirement account was that impressive! (sigh)


Published with MATLAB® 7.9

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