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From Excel Column Labels to Numbers


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Jiro's pick this week is Excel Column Conversion by Mike Sheppard.

Oftentimes, I work with Excel files. I read from and write to them using xlsread and xlswrite, respectively. Both of these functions have an option to specify the range of the worksheet to access, and this is especially useful when I am trying to load in one section at a time or append data to the same file. However, to do that I need to specify the columns using Excel's column naming convention. For example, 5th column is "E" and 28th column is "AB".

Mike's function ExcelCol makes this conversion very simple:

ans = 
ans = 

Now, my code for reading in the first 50 rows from specific columns (columns 120 to 150) of an Excel file looks like this:

colNames = ExcelCol([120, 150])
rng = sprintf('%s1:%s50', colNames{:})
data = xlsread('datafile.xlsx', rng);
colNames = 
rng =

This function works the other way as well, going from a column label to a number:

ans =


Give this a try and tell us what you think.

Published with MATLAB® 7.10

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