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Labeling an Array of Subplots

Brett's Pick this week is "MTIT: A Pedestrian Major Title Creator", by Us.

If you have the Bioinformatics Toolbox, you may be familiar with the suptitle function, which was originally created as a helper function for an in-Toolbox demo. Additionally, and especially if you've been following this blog for a long time, you may be familiar with Ben Barrowes's Toolbox-independent suplabel, which my predecessor Scott Hirsch selected as a Pick-of-the-Week in June of 2005.

This week, I wanted to feature another entry in the "label-your-subplots" category. Us's mtit is, as we've come to expect, solidly implemented, and the syntax is simple, and, in the output variable, provides easy access to changing the properties of the text-containing axes and the label (text) itself.

img = imread('peppers.png');


h = mtit('Here is my Supertitle');


(Pardon the plug for my own exploreRGB; I find it quite useful when I'm analyzing color images. Consider it lagniappe, and grab it if you'd like!)


Published with MATLAB® 7.10

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